As a multi-media/installation project, "the children of NAN" is a sci-fi mythology of civilization in which, 2000 years ago, dark skinned women (the abassi) ruled the earth.  a code in creation was realized by a tribe of pale men (casmirans) who use the code to "inherit" the earth and dominate over the world.  

Jump to one hundred years past present day: there has been an apocolyptical war and only the two groups, 'descendents of the abassi' (dark skinned women) and 'casmirans' (pale skinned men) survive. in constant war, both groups are unable to reproduce after the death of their mates. the casmirans capture an abassi woman and harvest her eggs to make experiments (mixed race females).   

the artwork and media created tells the story of the experiments.  

chapter one: beginnings is the first film installment of this work.  using mostly still photography and sound, this chapter sets the premise, introduces the experiments, and sets a tone for the rest of the work.  

Initially, I used photography to create this sci-fi piece.  That evolved into a manipulative realm in which the original images are distorted with collage, photomontage and live action film, blending different cultural concepts—tearing up different ideologies and fusing bits of them into one.  With this process of shredding and reassembling, I’m more able to show the connections.  I use theories of collage in media to create modern imagery that fuses both folklore tradition and popular culture.  


Children of NAN excerpts is a kind of origins episode.

It includes some background on the Abassi Queens including their creation story.  It is in this section we can also see that the experiments intuitively know this story.  But how?  If they were made in a lab with the Casmirans.  How has this knowledge been passed through their collective memories?  

Both Door of No Return and Time Travel are kind of commercials for the series.  Time Travel is literally how experiment 34 travels through time to search for NAN.  And in Door of No Return juxtaposes a tour of the Slave Dungeons in Ghana with an old commercial of Casmiran children playing.