In 2009 Aerin Vanhala and I travelled to Santiago de Cuba to begin a project named Found Art and Excess.  

The project is a two part process that begins with a found art exploration and culminates in an exhibition.  First we explored Cuba for a month, collecting discarded objects (which were minimal), we photo documented and filmed our search.  Then we created works out of and based on our finds.  This work was exhibited at Galeria Universal.  






After the show was installed, we met with a group of high school students and facilitated workshops taking them through our process to create their own found art.  

We launched the project in Cuba and New York.  We chose Cuba and New York because they represent geographic locales that are diametrical opposites in how the notion of excess plays out in their societies.  In Cuba, because of limited resources, the types of "found objects" will also be limited.  The comparison to New York is immensely significant in myriad ways. For instance, many people furnish their apartments with "found objects."  We plan to film document the project in both cities to promote the project and hopefully carry on worldwide.