Extinction (w/ Mantras) is a video installation about different perspectives of extinction.  I was in Whole Foods in an affluent neighborhood in Pittsburgh.  While there I had three separate conversations about the extinction of: redheads, bananas and bees.  I left that neighborhood to go to teach at a high school in a neighborhood called Homewood.  This neighborhood has an amazing legacy of american art, music and culture innovated by this working to middle class African American population, like many similar areas, through racist city planning and institutional neglect, the Reagan era, this neighborhood now suffers from abandoned and an increase in violence as a means of survival.  When I arrived at school I learned that one of my students brother's had been murdered.  And I thought that there is even privilege in extinction.  That redheads, bananas and bees will probably not become extinct but is the concern of the affluent, not the extinction of young black men.   This installation is on three screens.  the extinction video is in the middle and goes through two cycles and then on it's third the two screens left and right show a man and woman of african american descent saying mantras in full circles.  The idea is the mantras exist to elevate and protect the african american race from extinction.