"This work is inspired by my experience with my nephew and godson who are Autistic. It began with my nephew, who has one of the most artistic and beautiful ways of seeing the world. When he was very young I spent a lot of time with him in wonder of the worlds he resided in. I watched, related and envied his ability to stay in them even when required not to. The positive and negative effects it had on him and my family.  When he was little I read Curious George to him, one of my favorite childhood characters. Revisiting Curious George, I saw the very obvious connections to imperial and colonialism. This idea of taking George out of the jungle and bringing him to America so he can be civilized. And his impetuous "savage" nature gets him both in trouble and makes him a marvel. I found the same to be true with my nephew and godson. I began playing around with all the imaginary worlds they fit into."