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The Homewood Artist Residency (HAR) is an artist-driven catalyst for change in collaboration with the people of Homewood. HAR celebrates African-American art and culture in the neighborhood to enhance the quality of life by forging relationships with the regional and international art community. 


In 2010, The Andy Warhol Museum (The Warhol) took the lead in putting together an artist residency in Homewood. The Warhol commissioned Homewood artists Tina Brewer and Vanessa German to create a collaborative installation piece called HOME. The commissioned work is on permanent display at The Coliseum. In 2011, The Warhol partnered Westinghouse Academy to collaborate in a program of exchange intended to increase cultural opportunities for students. Alisha Wormsley was the resident artist and teaching artist at Westhinghouse. Alisha created an art installation titled There are Black People in the Future, which is on display at The Coliseum. For the 2013/2014 school year at Westinghouse Academy, Alisha put together mini teaching artist projects with Staycee Pearl, Ayanah Moor and Transformazium. Culminating community art events are held at Westinghouse and The Coliseum of both the resident artists and student artwork. 

In fall 2014, HAR will transition from The Warhol and take root in Homewood as a first year pilot artist residency that will: develop a working HAR model with community buy-in; implement a code of etiquette; and share knowledge with local like-minded artist collectives. 


HOMEWOOD Artist Residency (HAR)  is a new artist-in-residence program initiated by The Andy Warhol Museum based in the Homewood neighborhood of Pittsburgh. 

HOMEWOOD Artist Residency is a new artist-in-residence program initiated by The Andy Warhol Museum and is based in the Homewood neighborhood of Pittsburgh. The premise is simple: Local, national and international contemporary artists would take residence in Homewood. Each would be asked to create a project that reflects upon the overarching history and culture of Homewood. The goal of HOMEWOOD is to support artists of color, bring diversity to the contemporary arts community in Pittsburgh, and to engage a community with limited access to the arts. As a first step, neighborhood artists Vanessa German and Tina Brewer created a large-scale installation in the Greater Pittsburgh Coliseum that blends the memories and voices of Homewood’s residents into a physical work of art.

In 2011, The HAR hired Kilolo Luckett to manage the program and invited artist Alisha Wormsley to have a year long resident artist at Westinghouse Academy.  Alisha ended up staying at Westinghouse, running the program and managing partnerships with other organizations such as Lighthouse and Steeltown Media.  She and Kilolo partnered to develop and continue the program in Homewood.  Thanks to the support and partnership of the Andy Warhol Museum, HAR has grown and is now run within the community.