Art League Houston is pleased to present PROOF, a dynamic multimedia exhibition  by Studio Enertia:  a collaborative project  by Houston performer  and composer Lisa E. Harris, and Pittsburgh-­based artist Alisha B. Wormsley. The exhibition features a selection of sculptural installation, performance art, video and photography that bring together five  major  bodies  of  work  all exploring  the artists  ongoing  interest  in themes  of  the  African diaspora, social justice, and urban mythology.

PROOF  transforms  the  gallery  into  an incubator­-like  space;  where  the artists will experiment with combining individual narratives that reference global tradition, nostalgia and futurist dreams, as  a  way  to incite  new  dialogues  on  contemporary  issues  impacting  people  of  the African diaspora. The exhibition is designed to create an immersive environment where the artworks are meant to be experienced in context with each other rather than as individual units.

Taking place in Montreal,
The HTMlles is an international biennial festival that brings together artists, scholars, and activists who are passionate about critical engagement with new technologies from a feminist perspective. Based on a specific theme, each edition addresses urgent socio-political questions by pushing the boundaries of artistic and feminist practices. 


 Art League Houston - February 28 - April 5, 2014


Alisha B. Wormsley (Pittsburgh) and Lisa E. Harris (Houston)

EXHIBITION Studio XX (4001, Berri (201). Metro: Mont-Royal / Sherbrooke)
Opening: Saturday, November 8, 7 PM
Performance: Saturday, November 8, 8 PM

PROOF is a dynamic multimedia exhibition by Studio Enertia (sound artist Lisa E. Harris and visual artist Alisha B. Wormsley). Through sculptural installations, performance, video, and photography, the artists explore themes of the African Diaspora, social justice, and urban mythology. The gallery will be transformed into an incubator-like space where the artists will experiment with combining narratives that reference global tradition, nostalgia, and futurist dreams, as a way to incite new dialogues on contemporary issues affecting humanity.