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Art can knit together the lived experience of neighborhood identity with long term and sometimes abstract principles of community development. The Pittsburgh community of Larimer has been cultivating a local culture of sustainability through ecodistrict planning and has used art and creative placemaking to build capacity around neighborhood stormwater issues, urban agriculture and economic development. Alongside major investments in new housing, parks and infrastructure, grassroots community action is benefitting residents’ pursuit of economic stability and social equity. The community is demonstrating a distinctive type of resiliency, which is essential to its cultural identity.

evolveEA is excited to be part of River Roots, an art project led by the Larimer community, and in collaboration with artist Alisha B. Wormsley, a team of stormwater experts, the Kingsley Association, and the Urban Redevelopment Authority. The collaboration is supported by a grant from ArtPlace America and grew out of a previous community engagement, Living Waters of Larimer (LWOL), in which evolveEA collaborated with the Kingsley Association, members of the Larimer Green Team, artists and stormwater experts. To support the River Roots project, evolveEA urban designer Ashley Cox attended the Artplace 2017 Annual Summit in Seattle, Washington. “Social justice as a collaborative art form was an exciting theme at this conference and connects to our River Roots project,” Ashley reflected.  - Taken from EvolvEA website for more information

Click fullscreen below to see our Art Commission proposal.  Liberty Green Park and River Roots Project breaks ground Summer 2018!!! To be open to the public Summer 2019!