alisha b. wormsley
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"The events were led by artists and practitioners who had past, personal and professional experience in Homewood and who were deeply invested in the community and its residents. Although most of the events were open to the public, they were created primarily to uplift and celebrate the community’s people and places, and provide spaces of critical reflection on the neighborhood’s past, present, and future. In addition, the programs were sensitively embedded within the neighborhood, accessibly sited in open spaces within walking distance of one another, and connected to community anchor points such as the House of Manna, an African-American centered and multi-ethnic faith community.  Although the commission was initially intended as a platform for Ms. Wormsley’s voice as an artist, she brilliantly amplified and extended this platform by using it as a foundation for the voices of her collaborators, many of whom have provided essential services to Homewood residents through their art and practice for years."  

Divya Rao Heffley, Phd, Senior Program Manager, Hillman Photography Initiative, Carnegie Museum of Art




***This programming was intended for the community.  However, one way to participate and experience the project is through social media.  

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the people are the light - series of photographs imagining the past present and future of homewood...