Warhol @ Westinghouse

The program provides art and cultural opportunities for Westinghouse students by creating hands-on learning experiences led by professional artist, Alisha Wormsley, Naeem Martinez White, visiting artists and artist educators from The Warhol. In 2012, Wormsley created artwork with the students inspired by her project: Reverse Migration Project. The project follows the migration of African Americans in reverse, Pittsburgh to Africa. Through this work, Wormsley and the students will explored ideas of finding Africa in Homewood. 

Since, the program has welcomed several artists and partnerships with organiztions like, Lighthouse, Braddock Community Print Shop and Steeltown Media.  Through these partnerships and visiting artist experiences the students have created work in film, media, photography, print making and illustration.  

The Warhol artist educators consistently provide art demonstrations at Pittsburgh Westinghouse and tours and workshops at The Warhol for the students. Their learning experience will be culturally sensitive and connected to the reality of their lives while building comfort and familiarity with accessing a cultural institution. 


For more information and to see some of the students work, click here