Pittsburgh-based inter disciplinary artists Alisha B. Wormsley and Blaine Seigel, present afronaut(a) 2.0: an exploration in film at The Alloy Studios. 

afronaut(a): 2.0 explores how diverse groups of artists utilize film in their culture, discipline, and process. Alisha B. Wormsley became inspired to curate the salon series after discovering experimental filmmaking West Africa. In 2013, the series originally focused on non-traditional and black diaspora film. Since its creation, afronaut(a): 2.0 has expanded to what Wormsley calls “an exploration in film and inspiration to artists.” The series challenges audiences’ perception of traditional film by providing a broader collection of screenings, along with discussions, and performances. “We’re trying to show them films they would otherwise never see,” she says. “And since teaming up with Blaine, they will see these films as installations around the city.”afronaut(a): 2.0 focuses on collaborations between Pittsburgh artists.

afronaut(a)'s website -  http://afronautafilms.tumblr.com